Frequently Asked Questions

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Ready to ship, pre-order collection and custom wigs do come fully customized. All wigs are shampoo'd and conditioned, knots lightly bleached, hairline and part plucked, and the unit is styled. Upon arrival, the style may need to be fixed up a little from being folded in a box during shipping.

We do have units that are available which do not come customized. All details regarding customization are listed in the product description. If you have any questions, email for more information prior to purchasing.

Wig Construction Types

Custom made units - units handmade using a heavy duty sewing machine by me

Manufactured units- units that are made on an industrial sewing machine by our vendor

Lace sizing

The dimensions of the lace 5x5, 13x6, 13x4, etc. Is how much parting space is on the wig. For instance, a 13x6 Frontal has 13 inches of parting space across the hairline and 6 inches back. Whereas a 5x5 closure is only 5 inches across and 5 inches back of parting space.

Smaller closures are recommended for beginners as they are easier to maintain.

Lace Color

- Medium Brown Lace is the standard lace color. It is most suitable for brown skin. It can be tinted to match darker skin tones 

-Light/Transparent Lace is most suitable for lighter skin tones. It can be tinted to match darker skin tones

-HD Lace- HD (film) lace is the thinnest lace we offer. HD lace is good for the palest skin all the way to the darkest skin as it can easily blend with all skin tones.. 

*Note* Even though HD lace being super thin allows for the best melt for a "scalp" effect, HD lace being so thin also makes it much more delicate. It is not recommended for everyday wear. Instead, I recommend HD lace for special events, birthdays, weddings, photoshoots, etc. 

Hair on lace can wear out over time. Refrain from scratching the hair on the lace as this can result in premature balding. Instead, if your head has an itch, pat your head to relieve the itch instead of scratching.  

Yes I would love for you to send photo inspiration! It is important to know that reference photos solely serve as inspiration for a unit. I will not create an exact replica of another stylists work. Specifically with colors, many stylists (such as myself) mix custom colors to achieve specific looks so it is rare that any two units will be exactly the same. Lighting is also a key factor in choosing a color, please refrain from sending heavily filtered photos as your color inspiration 

*SOME wigs have the elastic band & clips sewn on, some do not. Please make a note at checkout if you would like us to sew on the band for you and add a clip to the back.

Factory constructed units come with adjustable straps and combs. Please make a note if you want an elastic band attached as well.

Please follow the measurement chart below using a soft measuring tape. This is the only way to ensure that your unit is the correct fit. Take your measurements when your hair is FLAT (like how it would be under your unit) taking measurements with bulky hair will result in an improper fitting unit. We are not responsible for improper units due to 1.) not measuring or 2.) Not measuring correctly. Feel free to email us at before purchasing if you have any questions as all sales are final. 

Your new wig is an investment. Handle it like you would any other investment such as your car. When you buy your car you still have to put gas in it and get your oil changed every few months, right? Well think of your wig the same way. When you take your unit off, make sure that you are storing it properly. Be sure to send your unit in every few months for a wig revamp and maintenance.

In between your revamp services, carefully follow the instructions on our Hair Care page and download some of the tutorials that we have available for you. As always, feel free to reach out via email to for any assistance.


Processing Time:

Custom Units & Pre-Orders: 2-4 weeks unless a specific ship date is stated

Ready to ship units & items: 1-2 business days

Digital Items: Downloads should be available immediately after purchase & also sent to your email within 24 hours

Shipping Time

Standard USPS shipping is 3-4 business days. If you would like to pay for express 1-2 day shipping, please contact us.

Yes. We do ship internationally.
*Disclaimer* YOU (The customer) will be responsible for any additional fees including (but not limited to) additional shipping charges, customs fees, etc that may apply in your destination country.

Unfortunately, once packages are dropped off at the post office, they are no longer in our control. We can only see the same info that you see on the USPS website. We do not have any additional info or insight. Please contact your local USPS office for assistance or online at

If for any reason, your package is returned back us after failure of delivery, you will be responsible to pay to reship the item. 

We are not responsible for any lost/damaged packages on behalf of the mail courier.


All purchases are final sale. Due to the nature of the products, we do not offer any returns, refunds or exchanges.